Comment on White people shouldn’t teach black history, apparently by Jukeofurl.

OK let’s all show up late to the party ( racial slur deleted by author of comment :O )….

Who ever said all white people were smart & honest? that sounds like racial profiling to me. Also Caucasians are a minority in the world population, maybe they are just insecure.

It helps to know there were other people enslaved in the world long before they showed up in North America. While there are many sordid details attached to the slavery in what became the United States, it was a barbaric human practice, in which many races were complicit. My best bet is most blacks today never experienced actual slavery, unless it was Curt Flood.

Many white people gave their lives to facilitate the end of US slavery. No credit for that, I suppose they deserved it. My family in both Europe & the US never owned a slave. If I personally did, it wouldn’t be a black. Hmmm that sounds racist. OK, some can be black, but I prefer to despoil Caucasians, Asians & Eurasians first. If I’m owning slaves, I demand my rights. Right or wrong.