Comment on White people shouldn’t teach black history, apparently by Indian.

Blacks are always bitching and complaining about slavery, please show me someone alive today in America who is a slave, or ever has been a slave, or for that matter, someone who is alive and who owns or has owned human slaves. Etymology lesson boys and girls, the “N” word, hmm where did it come from, perhaps it could be that the slaves of Africa were purchased from a tribe originally from Nigeria? Could the meaning of the word really be “someone who would sell his brother into slavery?” that can only lead you to believe that it was the black man who sold the black man into slavery in the beginning. People of all colors have been screwed over through out history, white, black, yellow, red, does not matter, hell a lot of my people still live on reservations …. yes I am a registered American Indian. Either get along, or grow a pair and do something, but stop all the hiding behind the racist card.