Comment on White people shouldn’t teach black history, apparently by William Fullington.

A white professor from York University, Toronto(black History)told me that her mother lived “on the underground railway” and knew many of the black pioneers.

I almost “lost it” when she mentioned, with a straight face, that her mother was very disappointed when so many of them went back to the states….. and she never found out why.

If a Canadian professor of Black History could not tell her own mother about the broken promises, the stories of these blacks cultivating the worse tracts of land by hand until they were good enough to be taken away….

I would not want her near my children.

She would simply tell them that the white man did not start slavery and that blacks sold some of these slaves too.

I have never heard a white get into the huge difference between the lot of a slave (thousands of years of records) and that of a group of people who were unfortunate to be controlled for 500 years by the last set of humans to swing down from the trees (Robin Hood and the Magna Carta) and who could not control themselved in a civilized manner.

The whitewash will also paint over the information that is coming out in the last few years. Blacks are moving away from past customs and are now “digging” into their past.

An example is the records that are being taken out of the sands in Timbuktu and are now being translated.

I would not be surprised if a bomb fell by *mistake* and took all these records away.

An englishman who loved cricket and knew the names of the West Indian players found the war records that were *destroyed* in Britain.

Would they make the same mistake again.