Comment on White people shouldn’t teach black history, apparently by JP.

white people should not teach a black history class.

when white people try to get on the topic of black things like slavery and civil rights in regular american history class, they often dont really put much into it. they touch the surface and rarely go further.

while no one is alive from slavery, many are alive from civil rights, and many blacks have probably dealt with some form of racism in their lifetime. young and old. some of it blatant and some of it closeted and hidden well.

a black teacher should teach black history, simply because they will probably have more heart and soul in the subject. and will go deeper than just the surface. it means more to them because it literally is their history. white people honestly are not capable of handling black issues. white can not and will never understand what its like to be black in america. there is more to black history than just slavery and civil rights.

im biracial and i like history and its painful enough for me to like things knowing that my black side was never accepted. and i never really got to learn much about black history growing up and i really want to know more about it.

if its one thing i noticed was that when i had black teachers in school (although not for history) i always felt different around them than i did around white teachers.

there were some white teachers i liked and got along with…but the black teachers were more strict and kind of more challenging and i always felt more safe around them….like either they understood me deep down or they knew what it was like growing up a minority in america.

the problem with some white teachers is they want to treat everyone the same way, without paying attention the individual needs each person.

white and black are not the same, pretending we all are, is detrimental to the child. as the core issues will always remain unattended.