Read a quote earlier that “Black parents say a white guy shouldn’t teach black history”.

From the article:

>Phyllis Yarber Hogan, a member of the Oberlin Black Alliance for Progress, said a white teacher wouldn’t be well-suited to teaching students about subjects like slavery. “When you talk about slavery, students need to understand it is not our fault,” she said. “Our ancestors did nothing wrong to be enslaved. How do you work through that when the person teaching it is the same type of person who did the enslaving?”

Yeah, she sounds real committed to progress. What a bunch of morons these people must be.

Pointless info: How old was Bob Hope when he died? The guy who wrote his New York Times obituary died in 2000.

Today’s CDs:

Arch Enemy, Anthems Of Rebellion
Peter Brotzmann/Thomas Borgmann/William Parker/Rashid Bakr, The Cooler Suite
Miles Davis, The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions, Discs 1-4
Entombed, Left Hand Path
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