UK Top 40 No1’s in 2010

19Th Sep 2010: Alexandra Burke: Start Without You (feat. Laza Morgan)

Alexandra Burke won the UK X-factor competition in 2008 and has progressed to become a success story, previous X-Factor winner haven’t been so lucky disappearing into oblivion, swallowed up by the deep dark hole of the music biz, but it would seem Alexandra has what it takes to make a career in the music world.

Alexandra Burk since winning the X-Factor series has had 3 UK NO1 spots totalling 6 weeks of chart success when combined with her songs Hallelujah in December 2008, Bad Boys in October 2009 and Start Without You (feat. Laza Morgan) September 2010.

Alexandra Burk was born on 25 August 1988, it wasn’t the first appearance on X-Factor by the then 20 year old 2008 series winner, in 2005 Alexandra reached the last 7 in her category, but was not chosen to go onto the live shows, when she auditioned for the 2008 show Alexandra Burke made a little pact with herself. “I said to myself that if I didn’t make it through to the live shows, then I would seriously reconsider where I was going to go with music”.

2 years on from winning the X-Factor Competition Alexandra is going from strength to strength with her 2010 No1 Start Without You (feat. Laza Morgan).