A really funny old interview with some douchebag writer whose book I’m probably never going to read.

In other news a ridiculous survey published in Germany says 1/3 of Germans under 30 believe the U.S. had something to do with 9/11.


His take? “No more do I want to hear that Europeans are more sophisticated than Americans…the lunatic fringe is going mainstream.”

The phrase “more sophisticated than Americans” is the crucial hedge. Because, as we all remember, something like 40% of Americans surveyed by CNN thought the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqis.

Even if this survey did prove that Germans were as dumb as Americans, that wouldn’t be news. But since it does nothing of the kind, there’s even less of a point to this whole thing.

Let’s look at the facts (I know it’s an unfamiliar feeling…bear with me). Size of survey sample? 1000 people. Total population of Germany? 82.5 million.

Already we’re in the realm of total statistical uselessness.

Now, do we know anything about Die Zeit, the magazine that published this startling little dingleberry of “information”? Is it the German equivalent of U.S. News and World Report, or is it the German equivalent of, say, The Week? (If you haven’t heard of The Week, it’s a newsmagazine published by the fine folks who excrete Maxim and Stuff.) I honestly don’t know the answer. But given that they squished out such a ridiculous survey, I can guess.

It’s really pathetic how quickly blogland folks will take the bait on just any fuckin’ thing at all.

Hey, didja hear? A significant percentage of retarded French 12-year-olds think President Bush drinks the blood of babies to psyche himself up for Defense Department briefings! There was a survey that proves it! Those dastardly Europeans!

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