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Woodwind and Brasswind Renard Renard Model 240 Artist Short Bore Bassoon Style

The Renard 240 is the best selling bassoon among aspiring high school and college bassoonists the Fox Renard 240 features a tone that is very open flexible and designed with the solo performer in mind. The red maple body of the Fox 240 bassoon offers the deep rich sound toward which most players aspire and the natural rubber lining of the wing and boot joints help prevent cracking. The mechanism of the Renard 240 boasts a full German system that is complete with high D and E keys. DescriptionIntroduced in 1994 the Renard 240 short bore features a tone quality that is more open than the long bore. It is voiced to permit the performer to open up and sing in solo register and its tone quality lends itself to solo performance. Frequently chosen by aspiring bassoonists it has also been utilized in symphony orchestras around the world.BodyRed Maple selected for tone quality naturally aged in our own facilities. Natural rubber linings in the wing joint and small bore of the boot joint. French bell metal ring. Body lock.FinishAcrylic Enamel


Price: $7,248.00

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