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Speakers Peavey Peavey SP 6 Two-Way PA Enclosure Style

The Peavey SP 6 speaker delivers gigantic sound with precision accuracy and long-term reliability handling up to 4000 watts of peak power. The Peavey SP 6 is a quasi four-way system that directs low frequencies to both 15 Black Widow woofers while limiting mid-range frequencies to the top woofer and 6.5 inch professional grade mid-range speaker. Upper-mids and high frequencies are handled by an RX 22 titanium driver that is ferrofluid cooled for maximum tweeter performance and longevity. Peaveys exclusive Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology actually reduces horn distortion and aims sound directly at the audience not over their heads. Peaveys Sound Guard circuitry offers horn and tweeter protection and works automatically in either full range or bi-amp modes. Rugged 9-ply baltic birch construction with extensive internal bracing improves bass response while significantly reducing the cabinet weight. The SP 6 is finished in durable black carpet with heavy-duty handles powder-coat grille and rear casters for easy transportation.


Price: $999.99

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