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String Instruments Kolstein DiVacenza Hybrid Model 150 Style

Finally a bass made by a World Class shop at a price that competes with many of the industry standards! What a relief I can sell these without having to completely re-work the fingerboards the bridge etc etc…In fact I only need to sell it to you. Then you can play it!!The Kolstein Divacenza Model 150 bass has a big robust sound looks great plays great and is built to last. There has always been much debate among bassists and makers concerning the true performance of a Hybrid Bass. Hybrid basses take their name from the fact that the backs and sides are laminated while the top is a solid carved piece. In this case two solid pieces glued end to end as is often the case with basses.The maker of these Basses even commented himself saying that he was never a big fan of hybrid basses because he found very few that sounded better than a comparable plywood. But this one is different it really does sound better.Laminate basses are often great choices as the wood will adapt to climate changes and transport much more comfortably than a carved bass in most cases. Most notably this bass has a classic design characteristic which includes narrower upper bouts with a fast slope and a large lower bout. This bass is a great choice for bassists who are not tall have smaller arms and hands etc etc. It also allows for soloists to play in the high register with very little effort. Even for tall players the industry standard jazz basses made by Kay can feel a bit in the way when you play in the high register.this bass is a great choice without a sacrifice in volume or tone.

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