Comment on Is Hip Hop Bad For Black Culture? by Paul.

Hip hop Isn’t all about misogynistic narcissist.
For the people who agree-You’re getting it twisted-
First off do you know anything about hip hop? besides the garbage that’s on the radio/tv 99% of the time?Ask any Modern day MC if he likes to see this subject on the news for,Hell,A week.Wack Hip hop is embarassing for everyone apart of it.
There is a market for everything man
There is a market for pet psychologists.
There is a market for twisted
shitfetish video’s. For nipple rings, for riverdancing, for chocolate cupboard roaches..
But you can’t find one for cultured hardcore reality and hiphop?
People Like you are what help give hip hop a bad name when pulling up some bullshit study saying it provokes violence…
It’s sad that the wack hip hop gets more attention just becuz it’s more appealing to the youth/target consumer and therefore gets more publicity just cuz the artist is either beloved or controversial.There’s good music and hip hop everywhere/But shit overlaps and then the next thing you know there’s fake MC’s everywhere.
Most garbage is in the mainstream but there’s still garbage underground music.
Hell,Do you fuckers know ANYTHING about music?
I’m A 15 year old Black Male And I like Hip hop,Rock,Techno,Glitch hop,Metal,RnB,etc.

You Know What?I’ll give you a list of good hip hop.

Phi Life Cypher-Free
Royce Da 5’9-Gone(Return of Malcolm)
7L & Esoteric-Jealous over Nothing
Outerspace-The Killing Fields(Feat Vinny Paz)
Reef The lost Cauze-This is My life
Celph Titled-F-L-A Team
Jedi Mind Tricks-Trail Of Lies
Diabolic-Yall Don’t Know
Immortal Technique-Reverse Pimpology
Del The Funkee Homosapien-Memory Loss
Task Force-Little Miss Waterworks
La Coka Nostra-I’m An american
Savage Bros-Trapped On Earth
Sicknature-Bring Back the raw Hip hop
Snowgoons-Teacher’s Trademark
Army of the pharaohs-Into The arms of Angels
Non Phixion-Futurama
Divine Rights-Rhymes Are a joke
Marco Polo & torae-Lifetime
MF doom-Sofa King(Remix)
Apathy & Celph Titled-Maybe
ILL Bill-Trust Nobody
Black The Ripper- Anti-Depressants