Comment on Is Hip Hop Bad For Black Culture? by Oso.

Unfortunately for the people who refuse to see this, hip-hop and especially the rap sub-genre (yes they’re different) are extremely detrimental to black culture. It is the culture of violence, substance abuse and irresponsibility that prevents black culture from being respected among the myriad of cultures in the United States.

And it also stereotypes an entire people. What bigger crime is there than having a man who in no way emphasizes the hip-hop culture ideals stereotyped because 3/4 of his neighbors do?

Rap and hip-hop are both garbage. It promotes the same mindless bleating of “i have money” and “i got bitches” that every song promotes. For the sake of African Americans everywhere I hope rap is rubbed out in the next few decades so that they may advance and stop being kept down by their cultural moguls who get rich off the misfortune of black Americans as a whole.