Comment on Is Hip Hop Bad For Black Culture? by brad.

Hip Hop Artists are cheerleaders for the Drug Dealers and Gang Bangers on teh south side of Chicago. They are no longer “keeping it real” they are now “cheering it on”.

Many Hip Hop artists knowingly sell out the Black Communities to make a fast buck. They have become cheerleaders for everything negative. Imagine JayZ, Emimem and the Kanye with a cheerleaders outfit and Pom Poms cheering on adult gang leaders and drug dealers on the sidelines (Chicago Streets) as these creeps influence our youth to destroy each other. Its not a far reach.

The recent cell video shot by the passerby in the murder of a Chicago Student last week should have had background music from the artists mentioned above.

As a father and a businessman in Chicago, who grew up on the South Side, I can understand why young men would be attracted to the images in most Hip Hop videos and messages on the CD’s. Young men want to feel powerful and attractive to the opposite sex. Ok I get it, but when you cant find young men to employ because of fashion hangups or expressed attitudes and postures that they imitate from the Videos or when you have to drive your teen to and from school to avoid beat downs then the marketing (videos) have become pornagraphic.

These cheerleader artists are strangely silent when the side effects of their messages are caught on video.

The game is over please stop.