Comment on Is Hip Hop Bad For Black Culture? by Tre.

There are plenty of hip-hop artists who don’t portray these images. Anyone remember Left Eye from TLC? The way her words were put together, the flow, she was more like a bard than a rapper. And Common? Remember him? Also look at it this way, a large reason hip-hop is like this is because of its history. Tupac and Biggie? They lived in the streets. They wrote their experiences and voiced them to their audiences. Many of the first rappers came out because when Hip-hop first came out, it finally brought out the troubles of ghetto-urban life. So to say that Hip-Hop is trash and whatever is INCREDIBLY ignorant for anyone to say. I agree that a lot about the negative images it potrays, but don’t treat it like it’s vermin. Art is art. Music is music. Just for proof of my stance listen to these songs-
Sumthin wicked this way comes by TLC
Waterfalls by TLC
What About Your Friends by TLC
Changes by Tupac
L.I.S.A. by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes
Love is Blind by Eve
One Mic by Nas