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Sheet Music Birdland A Chordal Concept for Jazz Guitar Style

A Chordal Concept For Jazz Guitar The idea behind this book is to provide the progressive guitarist with a comprehensive overview of chordal structures on the guitar fingerboard. Starting with triads then working through 7th and 9th chords and further extensions chord substitution relationships and practical examples over standard chord progression the book presents a chordal concept based on logic rather than just memorized shapes. In addition the book includes complete guitar arrangements of: Georgia Body And Soul In Your Own Sweet Way All Blues Secret Love John Scofield interpretation Very Early Bill Frisell interpretation Lakes and Omaha Celebration by Pat Metheny and Costa Del Sol Expressions Three The Gift and Stairway by Peter OMara.This book will make it easier for todays guitarists to understand the complex chordal structures used in contemporary jazz.136 pages.


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